Broadcast Marketing

Even as technology progresses, and new media becomes more viable, the strongest way to get your message to a mass audience is still through broadcast television and radio marketing. We concept your commercials with a focus on elevating your brand and connecting to the right people with engaging creative and strategic, intelligent media buys.

We bring your message to life

People listen to the radio an average of 68 hours per week, and watch 151 hours of television a month. But no matter how expansive the stations, channels and programming becomes, television and radio are still the most cost-effective way to relay a compelling message to your audience.

We make sure we thoroughly understand your product or service, and know what messaging is going to best resonate with the prospect. We study the Creative Brief until we know it like the back of our hand. We concept, and then re-concept. We write scripts and create storyboards. We don’t stop until you’re happy.

We cast the talent and find the music. We oversee voice sessions, scout locations, shoots and edits. We overlay the audio. We do it all, never losing sight of what’s important—communicating your message to the masses.

Stealth thrives on creating TV commercials and radio spots that tap into the emotions of the viewer or listener. And we strive to create the most compelling messaging possible to get the results our clients need.

Stealth Creative, your choice of St. Louis broadcast marketing companies.